Why Your Startup Should Invest Early In Business Development

Revenue is everything to a startup. It’s hardly surprising that founders tend to focus on the obvious ways to improve revenue. Every dollar spent on direct sales, marketing, and demand generation will, if handled correctly, yield a consistent return. On the surface, this approach makes a lot of sense. Why invest in something that’s less ...

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Strategic Fit vs Strategic Readiness

A few weeks ago, I had a call with Chris Schulitz, the head of Corporate Development at Paychex. We were talking about one of our new clients at SurePath and how they... Read more


Try Before You Buy: Why Companies Prefer Partnerships Before M&A

I’ve previously discussed the importance of investing early in business development and the potential of that to drive your eventual exit strategy.  While I would... Read more


The Power of Proactive and Methodical M&A: An Interview with Andrew Morbitzer, VP of Corporate Development at GoDaddy

Andrew Morbitzer knows a thing or two about M&A. Over the last 6 years as the VP of Corporate Development at GoDaddy, he's been a big part of the team that has helped... Read more

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